A kitchen fire supression system is a critical piece of equipment for a commercial kitchen, responding automatically should a fire occur. Perfectly suited for restaurants, schools, hotels and hospitals, supression systems are bespoke to suit your needs from design level through to install and maintenance.

A kitchen supression system offers 24/7 protection to your premises (even when it’s empty) – this kind of protection can also be an insurance requirement. A tailor made system can provide comprehensive overlapping protection or be appliance specific protecting a range of appliances from deep fat fryers to bratt pans and grills etc.

Conventional means of tackling kitchen fires include portable extinguishers and fire blankets. Whilst these methods can be effective, they do required operatives to be trained and present. A suppression system however offers a robust solution to this problem with it’s automatic response.

Ansul Fire Suppression systems consist of a liquid wet chemical agent stored in stainless steel tanks and enclosures mounted adjacent to the kitchen extract canopy.

Fixed pipe work extends from the tanks into the extraction plenum areas and above the risk cooking appliances. Kitchen specific discharge nozzles are installed above each hazard appliance, behind grease filters and up into any extract ductwork.

In the event of fire, the wet chemical agent is automatically discharged from all nozzles. The system can also be manually activated. The wet chemical agent attacks the fire by rapidly knocking down the flame and reacting with the heat and cooking grease to produce a soap like foam layer starving the fire of oxygen and preventing a fire re-flash.

The low pH agent remains liquid where it comes into contact with appliances that are not on fire. The wet chemical agent is confined to the kitchen canopy and the appliances beneath it can easily and safely be removed following activation.

Following a fire, kitchens can be cleaned and restored effortlessly, the system can be recharged and trade can continue quickly avoiding any down time.

Through our fully qualified team and Ansul distributorship we are proud to offer clients this facility with flexible payment options.

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