The fire extinguishers we supply are manufactured to the highest standards in the UK. They are approved to BS EN3 and carry the British Standards Kitemark – your guarantee of quality.

All extinguishers are designed to be user friendly as well as effective:

• squeeze grip operation
• controllable discharge
• colour coded block to help operators identify the extinguisher
• clear screen printed instruction

Color Coding

A change to the British Standard BS 7863 (which guides manufacturers on where to place colour coding on extinguishers) has meant a change to the style of colour coding on extinguishers. A block of colour has now been placed above the operating instructions to cover between 3-5% of the extinguisher surface area.

Graphic Symbols

The internationally recognised symbol for an electrical hazard is now shown alongside the other fire classification symbols, on those products safe for contact on fires involving all types of electrical equipment.


With safety products such as extinguishers, regularly maintenance is essential.

British Standard Code of Practice BS 5306: Part 3 recommends that your fire extinguishers are serviced at least annually to ensure that they will always function in an emergency. The range of extinguishers shown here will provide many years of reliable fire protection only if properly maintained and serviced regularly by a competent person.

The selection and location of extinguishers is a complex process and the usage’s shown below are for general guidance only.