We provide a number of varying types of fire training courses from basic awareness, to fire warden level and right up to phased evacuation training. Each course and its content is bespoke to suit your site specific needs and requirements.

Why should you train your staff?

Apart from being a legal requirement under the Regulatory Reform (fire safety) Order, it has been proven that a well trained work force not only reduce the risk of fire but are confident enough to react effectively in a worst case scenario.

A work force trained in fire safety can not only protect themselves and each other but also your business.

What Do The Regulations Say?

If you are an employer, business owner or are in control of a premises the RRO states that you ‘must ensure that your employees are provided with adequate safety training’.

British Standard BS 9999: 2008 (Code of Practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings) also states that  ‘All staff should receive sufficient fire training at least once a year to ensure that they remain familiar with fire precautions for the workplace and be reminded of the action to be taken in an emergency.

Our Training

We provide you and your staff with the very latest information regarding fire safety in the workplace and ensure that you comply with current legislation.

At your chosen location we offer the following levels of course all suited to your specific requirements:

Fire Awareness Training
Duration: Approx 2hrs
Delegates per course: Up to 20 people
Our Requirements: Approx. 4 car parking spaces or equivalent

Course content:

Uses of all fire extinguishing media, their differences and how to use them

What to do in the event of fire

Site specific Evacuation Procedures (Including sounding & operating fire alarm systems)

Fire Drills

Signs and Notices (Including Assembly Points)

A short DVD film.

Fire Safety Questionnaire

Question & Answer Session

Finally, a practical demonstration will be held outside in a convenient and safe area, using all extinguisher agents on live fires with our Environmentally Friendly Live Fire Simulator.  All who attend the course will use at least one extinguisher on a fire.

Certificates are issued to all delegates who complete the course.

Fire Warden/Fire Marshall Training

We offer courses to train up Wardens/Marshalls who must be appointed where necessary to assist the ‘responsible person’ in all aspects of everyday fire safety and taking appropriate and effective action if a fire occurs.

On top of the course content of the Fire Awareness Training course above, Warden/Marshal courses also focus upon highlighting and actioning the duties of those appointed as Wardens.

Again, this is a bespoke course designed to suit your staff and site specific needs.

Residential Care Home Phased Evacuation Training

Duration: Approx 2 1/2 Hours

Delegates per course: Up to 15 people

Our Requirements: Approx 2 car parking spaces or equivalent.

Course Content:

Prior to the course commencement a Consultant will meet with the House Manager to discuss the course content, have access to any fire plans, fire policies and P.E.E.P.S available, conduct a short tour of the building and once complete agree the most appropriate area for the practical exercise.

At the commencement of the course the instructor will provide a 45 minute presentation to the whole group on General Fire Awareness and Fire Safety.

The instructor will then facilitate a 30 minute practical section of the course held outside in a convenient and safe area, using all extinguisher agents relevant to the home on live fires with our Environmentally Friendly Live Fire Simulator.

Following the extinguisher training all ancillary staff will then be released, the course continuing with the delegated caring/nursing staff.

Both instructors will provide a 15 minute exercise brief which will explain fully to those staff participating how the exercise will run and what part they will play.

A short 20 minute tour of the building will then commence, this will ensure that all staff are aware of the passive fire precautions within the building and how these should be managed.

The practical Phased Horizontal/vertical evacuation exercise will then commence. This will take approximately 45 minutes.

This session will provide staff with a training as near as is practicable to an actual fire scenario. This will include the physical removal of people from the affected compartment. The management and provision of information to the responding agencies, the supervision and safety of all residents within the home.

As little disturbance as possible will be made to the remainder of the building during the course.